Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in enrolling in one of your programme. How should I proceed?

We believe in making the registration process fuss-free. You can complete the online registration form and a member of staff will contact you in 14 working days to follow up on the supporting documents.

I am new to online learning and I am not sure how to go about getting to my class. Is there a particular time or way that I should be logging in?

Learning occurs asynchronously in our programme. This means learners can login at their convenience (day or night) to access the Learning Management System (LMS), read the courseware and participate in discussions as long as they have stable internet connections.

A study schedule is available for each programme. It is important that learners download this document from the Course Document folder in the LMS as it will provide a guide on important deadlines and what learners should aim to accomplish on a weekly basis.

Do we get to meet other fellow learners and our facilitators during the programme?

Yes – Most Definitely!!! One of the most exciting feature of our programmes is the discussion forum where discussions enter a new dimension.

Learners can look forward to virtually “meeting and interacting” with their fellow learners and facilitators in “formal” (Learning Activities) and “informal” ways (Chai and Chat) through the discussion forums.

The programme also will kick off with a live video Orientation Session with a Facilitator and Learning Support staff. This hour long session will allow learners to raise any concerns about the pedagogy, assessment modes and learning tips.

Do also look out for weekly announcements and podcasts by your facilitator or the learning support staff.

I am working full time and have other personal commitments. How much time would I need to commit to the programme?

Time commitment would vary from programme to programme. A good guide would be for learners to estimate a 7 to 9 hour commitment each week for a Certificate programme and an 8 to 12 hour commitment each week for the Diploma programme.

I will be travelling for the next few days for work and will not be able to login, as I do not have access to the Internet. What should I do?

We understand that our learners are working professionals. Not being able to login while traveling should not be a big problem provided it is only for a couple of days. However, we would suggest that you drop an email to the facilitator. In this way, the facilitator will be alert to the situation and provide support accordingly.

I have been away on a business trip for the past one week and the next assignment will be due this weekend. I need more time to complete this assignment. Can you help please?

Facilitators and our friendly learning support staff are here to provide advice to our learners in situations like this. We suggest that learners who need more time to for their assignments due to valid work commitments, write to the facilitator to seek approval for an extension of the submission deadline for the assignment. The college would appreciate if the request could come in before the deadline .

I have heard that there are a lot of assignment and discussion forum activities. I would like to join the course but don’t know if I will be able to complete all the work. Is it possible to complete the course over 8 months instead of 4 months etc?

Although each course requires learners to complete several assignments and deadlines, we believe that the courses can be completed in the stipulated time while managing work and family commitments. To put the course requirements in perspective, many of the assignments are not graded and simply serve as an opportunity for you to interact with your peers and understand their points of view. As a general rule, we expect you to write about 300 words or less for a discussion board post, 600 words or less for a minor assignment and 800 words or less for a major assignment.

In case of individual changes in situation or unforeseen circumstances, do contact your facilitator or learning support staff to discuss your options.