Student Testimonials

Our approach is interactive and flexible to each learners’ needs. Hear what our students have to say about our faculty and pedagogy.

I would like to start with a big Thank you to our school and AIC team for such a nice course.

At first, when my name was recommended, I had a fear that how personal, professional life and course would be managed at a time. But, as we have started, I realized a team is working with me , with their support, suggestions and feedback at every step. 

Slowly and gradually, I started enjoying the learning activities. I would like to suggest this course to everyone for their professional growth, as it had helped me for the same. Only, I think that for Major assignment little more time has to be given.

Once again thank you Ms Basanti for your support and valuable feed backs,

Swathi Mishra (ICEPPI16O4 Student), DPS Ghaziabad

Hi Swathi, Ayesha and Agata

I just received my grade for Major Assignment "E-portfolio". It made my day. Your evaluation of my assignments, discussions and suggestions have been a source of encouragement to me. I know that I still have 2 more modules to complete, but I just wanted to say this. You guys are awesome teachers. Thank you so much. 

Malathi Ramesh from SEED, Chennai

Dear Ms. Basanti

I just wanted to say a thank you for motivating and guiding me when I was on the verge of giving up the course. Thank you for all the positive encouragement that you have given.

Heema Shah from SVKM - JV Parekh International School, Mumbai

Dear Ms. Swathi and Ms. Basanti,

A very big THANK YOU to you both and all who made this course possible for us. It was a wonderful journey of learning for me, was a kind of river of knowledge for me.

Thank you for your guidance & patience.

Suman Chauhan - Spring Buds - Juhu Branch, (CP Goenka Group) Mumbai

Doing a certificate course at AIC India has been one of the most fun and challenging things I have done in the recent years.

The course material, assignments and discussions with peers are informative, useful and practical. My awesome teachers at AIC have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me.

The last time I studied was 17 years ago. After starting this course at AIC, I once dozed off while studying. I remember calling my friend and ranting that may be I'm too old to learn. He laughed and said it's never too late to learn and try new things.

And while doing this course, I realized my friend's right. There is no age limit for learning.

Malathi Ramesh from SEED, Chennai